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Paver Patio Care

September 28, 2021

General Care:

For general cleaning - Dawn dish soap or Simple Green cleaner can be used along with a soft bristled brush/broom. A lot of “paver cleaners” from various stores can be very acidic and harmful, especially if not used properly.

Clean up any spills as soon as noticed to avoid any possible staining.

Fall Care:

Leaf stains occur more in Fall when dying or fall-time leaves from plants or trees fall onto your patio staining them.  The good news is that organic stains such as this are not permanent and can be prevented or minimized.

You will find that, over the winter with snow and rain, 80% – 100% of the staining will disappear. Nature has a way of self-cleaning. (Proof of this can be seen on public concrete sidewalks in heavily treed urban areas which are never permanently stained and look cleaner by spring.)

To prevent the deep penetration of the stain, it is recommended that sweeping or blowing the leaves off your paver surface regularly is your best defense. Doing a general cleaning can also help the stain to dissipate.  

Winter Care:

Some de-icing products can be used in winter: Sodium chloride (more commonly known as rock salt) is the most popular de-icing salt. It is widely available, and it will melt snow and ice at temperatures down to approximately 16° F (-9° C).

***Keep in mind that sodium chloride can damage adjacent grass, plants, and metal. Apply with caution and use as sparingly as possible. Especially keep away from pool and equipment.

Always avoid magnesium-based products; they are very aggressive and therefore cause the most harm. Also do not use any salt with any added chemicals.


Do NOT use shovels or plows with metal blades. These can scratch the surface of your pavers. We recommend:

  • Using a plastic shovel.

  • Using plastic blade covers on your plows and/or snow blowers.


If you hire someone to clear your snow, ensure they’re using the above precautions as well.

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